sny są tu na tak,
sny są tu na nie

16.08.2012, 05:53 :: csMSAoITULR
, a troubling thugoht has seized me the last day or two, partially in response to your comment. You say you hate Philadelphia, and by extension the Phillies... the truth is, for some reason I don't really feel that way. Believe me when I say I hated the Braves exactly the way you're describing; and god knows I hate the Yankees with that kind of passion.For some reason the Phillies don't inspire that level of hatred in me. The don't stand for things that I find loathsome (a la the Yankees). They haven't been good forever (like the Yankees and Braves). I hate Philly fans, yes, but their players don't really bother me that much--not even Jimmy Rollins. Perhaps the difference though is that, to me, I don't even feel like the Phillies have ever handed us a truly gut wrenching loss. I know that sounds crazy given what happened in 2007, but somehow, in retrospect, that feels more and more like a situation where the Mets beat themselves than the Phillies making good on Rollins' team to beat rallying cry. In 2008 I feel like a flawed Mets team simply ran out of time and got exposed in the end. More than anything, I have a kind of grudging respect for the Phillies. As I've written, and I hate admitting this, the Phillies are a lot like what I hope the Mets will be some day. A hardnosed, mostly homegrown, expensive but not overpriced, never say die type team.As I said earlier, it's a troubling realization, but it goes a long way toward explaining the ease with which I'm pulling for the Phillies over the Yankees.Think I'm nuts?

25.11.2011, 23:14 :: colorless
z takimi optymistycznymi podusiami zdecydowanie na tak :)

21.11.2011, 10:30 :: browneyess
kadr jak ze snu ;) wyobrażam sobie w tej chwili drewniany domek gdzieś na łące, za oknem piękne kwiaty i śpiew ptaków :)

18.11.2011, 13:30 :: iamfolje
zdjęcie ze snu.

18.11.2011, 12:25 :: fantasmagorie
wolę te na tak ;)

18.11.2011, 11:23 :: soho
właśnie jak się tą mgłę robi? ;)

18.11.2011, 10:05 :: zulaw
ze wskazaniem "na tak"?

18.11.2011, 01:49 :: kieliszek
ta 'mgła' nadaje przyjemną, senną i trochę nierzeczywistą atmosferę